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To march to the beat of one's

Own Drum dictionary definition:-

To do something, act, or behave 

in a manner that does not conform

 to the standard, prevalent, 

or popular societal norm.

It's time to march to the beat of our own drum and stand together for an equitable society, rooted in authenticity and inclusion for all. 

Own Drum is a diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging consultancy specializing in embodied dialogue and decoloniality. We offer trainings and workshops. Intersectionality is important in our work as we work to identify and interrupt our biases and the status quo in order to grow anti-oppressive cultures. 

We’re passionate about the power of our Reflect & Reset Race Series. We hold supportive space for all, upholding Gender Equity, Racial Justice, Disability Justice and LGBTQIA Equity. We work in an embodied way for a sustainable and real change in society.  

We run: 

  •  Embodied Race-Dialogue Series​

  •  Reflect & Reset Training

  •  Bespoke Decolonial /Implicit   Bias Training

  • Restorative Race Workshops


The series promotes authentic internal shifts that lead to a tangible external change in addressing structural racism. We’ve collated and created resources that have helped us and which we hope you’ll also find help on this journey of learning, unlearning, and growing. We practice better listening, reflection and active advocacy as we support each other to dismantle systems of racism and oppression by reflecting and resetting. We offer practical Toolkits in our series on Racial Dialogue and Self Compassionate care. We are creative in our series and offer space for dialogue in an impactful Forum Theatre inspired session based on Augusto Boal´s Theatre of the Oppressed. 

We also offer a space around the trainings for continuing group conversations and sharing in order to support long lasting and sustainable action.  

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Own Drum’s work is underpinned with academic understanding but rooted in the body and the heart. We use somatic, reflective and storytelling practices to encourage personal transformation and we hold space for potential new anti-racist cultures. We sit with any discomfort and cultivate resilience and stamina to talk and tend to the oldest elephants in the room with care.

Click below to find out more about Own Drum founder Faryal Iqbal & partners  Farkhanda Chaudhry and Jennifer Kidd.

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